What should be eaten to stay healthy in winter?

  What should be eaten to stay healthy in winter?

Winter is coming and while we wait for this beautiful weather all year round, some diseases associated with this season do not allow us to enjoy this pleasant season. Winter weakens the immune system of a person. And that's why we usually suffer from diseases like colds and coughs in winter. In winter, to keep our immune system healthy and stay healthy, we need to include some foods in our diet that we need from the inside. Stay Strong and Healthy The following foods that will protect us from cold and illness in winter will also help us enjoy the season.

What to eat in winter:

Winter fruits like oranges etc are full of antioxidant properties and vitamin C is very useful for our health in winter so make these fruits a part of your daily diet and citrus fruits along with tomato red chilies and potatoes. And make yam a part of your diet


Green leafy vegetables like spinach, greens, celery leaves, and green onions are also winter foods that make us strong from the inside and give us strength to fight diseases. Zinc-rich foods are very beneficial for us if the quantity is high. Black gram, beans, eggs, meat, guava, pomegranate, etc. are rich in zinc.

With the arrival of winter, winter vegetables and fruits also start to be found in the market, make these vegetables and fruits a part of your diet and include the following foods in your diet so that your immunity is not weakened by the cold.


Honey is um-ul-shafa which contains numerous antioxidant properties along with vitamins and minerals that build immunity in your body against seasonal diseases and keep you from getting affected by cold.

Dry Fruits:

Dry fruits are no less than an elixir in winter but use them in the morning breakfast so that they are not heavy on the stomach and the stomach can easily digest them and the body can benefit from their energy throughout the day. Apart from almonds, walnuts and pistachios, include raisins, figs, and dried apricots in your diet

Jaggery and Sugar:

While jaggery and sugar improve your digestive system, they are also very helpful in strengthening the body's immunity. In winter, use jaggery and sugar instead of sugar in your coffee and sweet food, especially sugar in tea. Substitute sugar


Garlic is the best winter food due to its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties which in addition to its numerous benefits strengthen our immunity in winter and protect us from the effects of cold. And also use water and stay safe from the doctor all winter and enjoy the weather

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