What causes you to gain weight in the winter

   What causes you to gain weight in the winter 

Most of the people face the problem of gaining weight during the winter season. Weight gain leads to many problems. Know why you gain weight in winter and how you can control it. some reason for weight gain is as follow.

1 Stop physical activity:

 It is often the case that you need help to do the necessary physical activity and exercise to lose weight. Because of a cold, you stop exercising and lose control of your diet. This makes the problem of weight gain more troublesome.

2 Days become shorter:

In winter, the sun rises late and sets early. Due to this, the days become shorter. It affects our daily routine. Many times you skip exercise and walking which leads to weight gain.

As the nights are long, you sleep longer and feel sluggish in the morning. This can lead to weight gain.

3 Winter effected on mood:

Many people get stressed in winter, all because of the change in weather. It causes rapid changes in mood. You will not feel like working and you will feel a lack of energy. People suffering from it do not like to go out of the house or exercise. Also, they feel stressed due to the lack of sunlight.

 4 Overeating:

Many people like to eat tea, coffee, cookies, and other sweet things during the winter season. Also, for some people, sodium intake increases during this season. Eating such things can cause bloating and weight gain.

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